My god, it's been FOREVER! I'm so sorry about my complete incompetence to keep up this blog. In my own defense, it has been a crazy couple of weeks...

Yeah, okay, I'm not buying it either. I'm hanging my head in shame, really. REALLY.

In other news, I spent last weekend partying with a bunch of fellow actor-kids. They're all rockstars, let me tell you. The great thing about hanging around with showbiz people is that there is literally no stigma and no one-upmanship like you'd expect and receive from "normal" types. Pretty kicky, huh? S'mores were made, Apples to Apples (the board game) and Name That Dog (the walking-down-the-street game) were played, an underwhelming patriotic carnival was visited, fireworks were watched, and a good time was pretty much had.

I promise to make more regular entries in this thing! I swear, I swear, I swear. But in the meantime, have some pretty pictures:

Cupcakes, people. They really are the perfect food.