it's the most wonderful time of the year

So one of my favorite times of year is fast approaching. No, not the summer solstice, 4th of July, or any other middle-American summer rites. The reason that the season is so lovely comes but once a year, and it takes over Radio City Music Hall in an explosion of song and dance and fabulousness. Yes, friends, I'm talking about the Tony awards, and in the spirit of the season, here's Alex's Official Prediction Post!

Best Musical
  • Should Win: Xanadu
  • Will Win: In the Heights
Best Play
  • Should & Will Win: August: Osage County

Best Revival of a Musical:

  • Should Win: Sunday in the Park with George
  • Will Win: South Pacific

Best Revival of a Play:

  • Should Win: The Homecoming
  • Will Win: Boeing-Boeing

Best Leading Actor in a Musical:

  • Should Win: Lin-Manuel Miranda, In the Heights
  • Will Win: Paolo Szot, South Pacific

Best Leading Actress in a Musical:

  • Should Win: Patti LuPone, Gypsy, & Kelli O'Hara, South Pacific (in a perfect world)
  • Will Win: Patti LuPone, Gypsy

Best Leading Actor in a Play:

  • Should Win: Patrick Stewart, Macbeth
  • Will Win: Mark Rylance, Boeing-Boeing

Best Leading Actress in a Play:

  • Should Win: Deanna Dunagan, August: Osage County
    Will Win: Amy Morton, August: Osage County
  • Should've Been Nominated: Laura Linney, Les Liasons Dangereuses*

Best Featured Actor in a Musical:

  • Should & Will Win: Boyd Gaines, Gypsy

Best Featured Actress in a Musical:

  • Should & Will Win: Laura Benanti, Gypsy

Best Featured Actor in a Play:

  • Should Win: Jim Norton, The Seafarer
  • Will Win as a Consolation Prize for Last Year's Tragic Oversight: Raul Esparza**, The Homecoming

Best Featured Actress in a Play:

  • Should Win: Mary McCormack, Boeing-Boeing
  • Will Win: Rondi Reed, August: Osage County

*I don't care how stiff and miscast she may have been in the role, it's freaking Laura Linney, and there's really no reason why she shouldn't have been nominated, even though there's no way she would've won with the A:OC ladies in the category.
**Because David Hyde Pierce? Really, Tony voters? Really?!

I probably should call the technical categories, but let's face it, kids: It's 5:18AM on a Saturday morning, and I have no interest in digging deep into my brain to recall all of that information - the acting categories will have to suffice.

Instead, here's the Official (yes, I'm loving the word official today) Tony Awards Drinking Game, as dictated by myself and various other members of BroadwayWorld.com!

One shot:

  • Every time they show Sondheim.
    Every time they show Patti.
    Every time the In the Heights performers say 96,000.
    When introducing a celebrity presenter: "Recently starred in" or "Soon to star in" the movie version of whatever musical.
    Every time they refrain from saying the name Macbeth.
    Every time they bleep out a curse word from a song and say another word.
    Any time somebody says their show is 'groundbreaking".
    Any time a presenter butchers someone's name, the name of a show, etc..
    Every time a winner says something to the effect of "It's an honor just to be nominated."
    Every time a winner thanks someone with the justification of "for believing in me."
    Every time someone makes a joke about low ratings.
    Every time someone's speech gets cut off.
    Every time a presenter wears a hideous dress.
    Every time Whoopi makes a vagina joke.
    Every time South Pacific wins something.
    Every time someone mentions The Little Mermaid/Young Frankenstein.
    Every time a Broadway legend appears on stage and there is an applause break longer than 5 seconds.
    Every time someone thanks their Dad, because it's on Fathers' Day.
    Every time they advertise a show that's not even from this season.
    Every time a winner spins the medal on the award.
    Every time they mention Glory Days.

Or, if you prefer, just take the Man in Chair route and drink every time someone says "Thank you!"

Now, I've gotta rocket. I've got a meeting with some very sparkly industry people this morning, and I have no idea what to wear - I'm thinking the "I'm Disney kid casual in my polo and jeans but intimidating in my $400 shoes" look is just a tad too precocious.


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